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PMP Certificate In Process Safety Management

  • Course Duration

    5 Days

  • Tuition Fee

    500 USD

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Achieve recognition for your health and safety skills and knowledge anywhere in the world with the PMP Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. Over 1500 people have achieved the qualifications since its introduction in 2010.

Process safety management is a blend of engineering and management skills. It focuses on the prevention of catastrophic accidents and near misses associated with loss of containment of energy or dangerous substances such as chemicals and hydrocarbons.

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ELEMENT 1.1 Process safety management meaning ELEMENT 1.2 Process safety leadership ELEMENT 1.3 Organisational learning Element 1.4 Management of Change ELEMENT 1.5 Worker engagement ELEMENT 1.6 Competence
E2-1 Establishing a process safety management system E2-2 Risk management techniques in process industries E2-3 Asset management and maintenance strategies E2-4 Role and purpose and features of a permit-to-work system E2-5 Safe shift handover E2-6 Contractor management
E3-1 Operating procedures E3-2 Safe start-up and shut-down E3-3 Safety critical performance standards E3-4 Utilities E3-5 Electricity/static electricity E3-6 Dangerous substances E3-7 Reaction hazards E3-8 Bulk storage operations
E4-1 Fire hazards E4-2 Fire and explosion control E4-3 Dust explosions E4-4 Emergency preparedness