IOSH(Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)

  • Course Duration

    3 Days

  • Tuition Fee

    400 USD

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Every year, around 100,000 employees gain an IOSH qualification, enabling them to 

effectively promote and manage health and safety in the workplace and improve their 

career prospects.

IOSH courses focus on current best practice, which gives them wide appeal and makes 

them ideal for candidates from different industries, countries and job levels. 

IOSH Managing Safely is designed to give supervisors, managers and heads of 

department the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage their teams\' 

health and safety.

The 24 hours course includes detailed step-by-step guidance, as well as a real focus 

on business without jargon or off-putting legal language.

There are clear scenarios to which managers can relate and high quality technical 

content that’s based on what they will need to know in a real world situation. 

Importantly, it also brings home just why health